Too busy at work to attend our classes?

We can come to you instead! Usually, our corporate classes are held on-site at your work location, but if you don't have space, just let us know the area where you'd like to practice (arrondissement, neighborhood, etc.) and if you have specific class location in mind.

Class styles

Any of the class styles (yoga, meditation, fitness) listed on our website can be offered as a corporate class (if a teacher is available). We can also create a custom class style based on employee preferences.


Want to get a better idea of what to expect in our classes? Check out this video about the Affordable Yoga & Fitness community. When you sign up for corporate classes, we'll bring that community feeling right to you and your team!



We offer flexible payment options (classes can be paid by the company or by the employees themselves), and depending on the duration and attendance of the class, prices could be as low as 6€ per person!


Get started with corporate yoga classes in your workplace

Please fill out this form to tell us your specific needs, and we'll get back to you with details.

"Since starting affordable yoga I have much more energy than I used to. The schedule and price means I can easily fit in two or three sessions a week while working full time in a demanding job. The teachers are knowledgeable, friendly, tailor the classes to individual needs, and always have a nice smile for you." - Robert Pickering