Feijoa Booster Porridge


Feijoa booster porridge

Monday boost day! ????

I’ve never seen such an interesting Harvest season in Paris, more and more varieties of vegetables and fruits filling up the organic markets and stores this year. Among these, some egg-size greenish duddies sit silently in the corner definitely caught my eye! They call Feijoa fruit, pineapple guava or brazilian guava. Have you heard of them ?! The cashier even curiously asked me whether those stone-looking things taste good? They are so strange that no one gets too close to them but they are real little gems !!
Feijao fruit has a sweet, aromatic flavor, which tastes like pineapple, guava, apple with a hint of mint! The intersting falvour is not the only great thing about this fruit, feijao is super rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which make this fruit, the perfect autumn ingredient that helps to build up the immune system ????????


You can just scoop out the pulp or use it in smoothies or even, pop it into stews (you can find it in some traditional Brazilian dishes).

I have some this morning, in my warm, boosting porridge, adding fresh seasonal plums and home-made Superfruit topping “crunchy cocochips + cacao nibs + gojis & pine nut mix”....

Yogis, this very WARM, BOOSTING and BALANCING breakfast. It is a MUST try for this season!!

P.s. Feijoa is a sustainable fruit which means it has a low environmental impact during its planting process. How lovely!

Ingredients (for one)
Ready in 10 minutes

2.5 tbsp Rolled Oats
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
1.5 cup Soy Milk*
1 cup Water
½ tbsp Cinnamon Powder
1 tbsp Linseed & Gojis Berries (ground(*
1 medium Feijoa
1 small Plum
Superfruit mix topping:

2 cups Raw Coconut Chips
1 tsp Coconut sugar
1 cup Organic dry-fruit mix: white mulberry + gojis berry + physalis + blueberry

1 cup Cacao nibs
½ cup Pine nuts

Cook the rolled oats & the chia seeds in a milk pan with your choice of plant milk and water. Remove from heat once the porridge starts to gently boil, keep stirring at this stage, adding more water if necessary.  (I prefer more liquid for this recipe).
Slice the feijoa fruit and plum while waiting for the porridge to heat and thicken.
Once cooked to your ideal thickness, put immediately in the bowl, add the cinnamon powder & Lin & goji powder.
Top with fruits and Superfruit mix, enjoy!

To make the Superfruit mix:

Layer baking paper over a baking tray or pan. Spread the raw coconut chips, sprinkle over the coconut sugar and mix evenly. Bake until the coconut chips turn light gold.
Remove the coconut chips from heat cool down. Once cool, crunch the chips up with your hands.
Mix the crispy cocochips with the rest of dry superfruits, cacao nibs, and pine nuts.

*Different plant milks provide different natural flavors and sweetness ! I suggest using soy milk for this recipe which does not taste too strong and hide the flavor of the Feijoa and crunchy coc chips combo :)

*Plant/a/douce Superfruit mix: This unconventional version of “granola”,  is way easier to make, delicious with all kinds of porridge,  also it contains a lot less sugar and grease ! Definitely worth making a large stock for the week!

*Superfruit mix is inspired by a brand @Ecoidees which you can easily find (exactly the same mix( in any organic stores - but, more expensive than making it at home!

*Ground linseed can easily be found in all organic stores, some provide a mixture with various nuts or superfoods. No matter which, this ingredient doesn’t really change the flavor of your porridge but provides a very high dose of Omega 3 and nutrition.

Have fun with your choice!


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