Matcha Chai Porridge Paradise!


Good morning lovely yogis!! We’ve all noticed winter’s arriving ! Today is forecasted to reach the lowest temperature since the season started, are you ready to warm up your body & mind?

Plant/a/douce, conscious living platform is going to share with you some very simple, quick but absolutely delicious ideas to live in healthily and in harmony throughout the whole season! :)

We hope that these yoga inspired food ideas will bring each of you a dose of inspiration and joy, and to motivate you to love yourself and your body more by making good food to nourish the body, but also the mind.

Before starting, take a look at this series of small tips Plant/a/douce did to warm up with mindfulness and awaken ourselves on this cold morning, beacuse eating can be spiritual practice!

1. Take a moment in bed in a comfortable sitting position or child’s pose. Take 3 conscious deep breaths.

2. Drink a nice cup of warm water. Be mindful of the taste, the smell and even the sounds around.

3. Sneak into kitchen and get into your happy zone for this morning meditation - Breakfast time!

Ingredients (for one)
Ready in 15 minutes

1 cup Rolled oats*
1 tbsp Chia seeds
1.5 cup Rice & buckwheat milk*
1 cup Water
1 tbsp Matcha powder
½ tbsp Cinnamon powder
1 tbsp Lin seeds & gojis berries, grounded*
1 Banana
1 tsp Soy yogurt
Honey to serve

Cook the rolled oats & chia seeds in a milk pan with your choice of plant milk and water. Lower the heat once the porridge base starts to boil, keep stirring at this stage, adding more water if necessary.
Slice the banana or prepare any fruits you like while waiting the porridge base to boil and thicken.
Add in the matcha & cinnamon powder while porridge base slightly starts to thicken. (It takes no longer than 2 mins! )
Once cooked to your ideal thickness, serve immediately with all toppings and enjoy!

*You can definitely soak your rolled oats overnight, add boiled (plant) milk in the morning, this cuts the time in half!
*Different plant milks provide different, natural flavors and sweetness ! I love using Rice & buckwheat milk for this recipe because the taste is mild and does not take away the charm from matcha :)

*Ground lin seeds can easily be found in all organic stores, some provides mixture with various nuts or superfoods. Use which ever you prefer, it doesn’t really change the flavor of porridge but provides very high energy and nutrition.

Have fun and enjoy!


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