Laura Packham

Laura first dipped her toes into yoga as a teenager but it wasn’t until she moved to China that she really got hooked.

Hailing from a small desert town in Australia, the ex-journalist and mum-of-one, moved to Paris on a whim seven years ago and stayed.

Her move to Zhuhai, China in 2015 was transformative in more ways than one, as she began to see yoga beyond just asanas.

A few years later, in Argentina, she earned her teacher certification (Vinyasa Flow), studying under Noah Mazé and Sandra Kessel.

She founded the yoga studio, Aura Yoga, in Buenos Aires, offering a range of different yoga classes to locals and English-speakers alike.

Laura’s main goal is to welcome people where they are, as they are. And it is her deep belief that yoga is a practice for all.

Her teaching style is thoughtful and introspective. She encourages deep listening, inquiry and anatomically-aligned, safe movement.

She aims to bring balance to a busy lifestyle through uplifting Vinyasa-style sequences, focusing on breath and including guided-meditation to awaken the soul.

She is passionate about human and animal rights, mindful living and personal exploration.

Laura lives in Paris (again), with her husband and darling girl, and enjoys practicing acroyoga, writing, cooking plant-based recipes and snapping street art.


Laura Packham instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Yin Yoga
  • This class artfully combines dynamic movement with restorative postures for a harmonious experience of mind-body care.

    The first half of the class will energise and invigorate, building heat and strength through an active Vinyasa sequence. Then, the second half of the class will invite relaxation and calm into the body and mind through a restorative set of floor-based Yin postures.
    Because we rent our spaces, props are not always available for the Yin part of the class. If you'd like props to help you get further into some of these postures (belt, bolster, block, etc.), we encourage you to bring your own.

    This class is held in English, but most of our teachers do speak some French, so don't hesitate to ask for help understanding.


    - Comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement* (this class is generally practiced barefoot)

    -Mat** or towel (there are only mats available to borrow in specific locations, as listed on our locations page at

    -Water bottle

    -Optional: Yoga props (blocks, straps, cushions, etc)

    *Showers and designated changing facilities available only at Studio Bleu, 75009; all other indoor locations have restroom facilities available for changing.

    **Yoga mats can be purchased from our online store at


    CLASS LEVEL: This class is open to every level of practitioner from beginners on up. Our instructors give careful guidance to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the foundation of the posture, and modifications to increase or decrease the intensity of each position will be available. Feel free to ask for modifications.


    DIRECTIONS: Please verify the class location or address on our schedule at


    Find a map and details (nearest Metro, etc.) at


    CONTACT: If you have any problems, or if you are running late and want the teacher to hold your space in the class, please text the teacher directly:


    Please note that there is limited mobile phone reception at the studios. If you need to contact the instructor, please do so at least 20 minute before the start of class. No communication will be possible after the start time of class.


    ️ HEALTH SCREENING: If you have any physical limitations or injuries, please notify your instructor. For significant injuries or limitations, please consult a doctor before starting a new physical activity.


    CANCELLATION POLICY: All late cancellations will be charged the full cost of the class, whether or not you attend. To see the full policy, please visit


    If we cancel the class (due to bad weather, teacher absence, low attendance, facility conflict, etc.), your class credit will be automatically returned to your Affordable Yoga & Fitness account, to be used for a future reservation. We do our best to notify all students of cancellations and changes, but we can only do that if you have a valid phone number and/or email listed on your account, and if you opt in to notifications:


    We look forward to seeing you on the mat!