Alice Kok

Alice is South African/German, happily living in Paris since early 2018.

As well as being a pilates and yoga instructor, she is a choreographer, dancer and occasional philosophy/critical thinking lecturer.

Passionate about movement, music, language and learning about how the mind works, Alice finds teaching yoga and pilates (now in English and French) to be at the intersection of these interests.

She completed her qualifications at the Institute of Fitness Professionals in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008 and has since combined her travels with further training in pilates, yoga & dance in Cape Town, Paris, Berlin & Los Angeles.

Alice loves to combine the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of pilates with the strength, flexibility and relaxation advantages of yoga. She likes to mix things up, trying out new moves and combinations.

Alice encourages a light-hearted, open-minded, friendly attitude in her classes where nothing is taken too seriously and nothing is compulsory.

Alice Kok is currently not instructing any classes.