Swamini Pramananda (Ammaji)

Swamini Pramananda (affectionately known as Ammaji) is an Indian Monk, and a Yoga philosophy teacher (Traditional Yoga Scriptures) and one of the most celebrated traditional Guru's of our time.
As well as teaching philosophy, she shares her passion for Yoga as a physical practice, and has found Affordable Yoga's mission an Philosophy very close to he heart. We are honoured to be officially endorsed by her and her Organisation Purna Vidya as we believe that it is important to stay true to the roots of Yoga and the Indian Tradition where it comes from. 
This is not forced upon any of our customers and our classes remain the same friendly, open, and un-mythical vibe throughout, welcoming to one and all.
However, for those who do wish to discover more about the entire yogic lifestyle and the beautiful life affirming philosophy and lifestyle that completes the physical practice you do at the class, shared with us by the Indian Civilisation, we are proud to have one of the most authentic teachers at your disposal to deliver their teachings through Affordable Yoga.
Ammaji's workshops, and Study courses are available as e-learning modules, she also comes to Paris regularly to give live workshops, and we organise Yearly Pilgrimages to one of her 3 Ashrams in India for AYF community.
More about Ammaji:
Ammaji is a Spiritual Leader and Visionary behind the organization, Purna Vidya, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
She has written 35 Books on Yoga Philosophy, and has represented India in the UN Conference on Climate Change. 
For the past 35 years, she has been sharing the vision of Oneness and Harmony with seekers around the world. Swamini Pramananda is a Vedanta teacher as well as a Sanskrit scholar. Her scholarship is grounded in these timeless teachings as well as her direct experience of the truth they reveal.
As a result, she has become one of the clearest and most eloquent teachers of the Vedic vision of Oneness and Happiness. She taught residential courses in Vedanta and Sanskrit in her guru’s gurukulams. While there, she also initiated many social service programs, improving the economic conditions, health and literacy among the Adivasi (Indigenous) communities.
We are honoured to count Ammaji as our official Yoga Philosophy teacher at Affordable Yoga, and to collaborate with Purna Vidya to bring Ammaji's teaching to Paris on a yearly basis as well as organise pilgrimages and retreats to her Ashrams in India for our customers. 
For more information on Purna Vidya visit their website: www.purnavidya.org 

Swamini Pramananda (Ammaji) is currently not instructing any classes.