Fouad Helou

Hailing from Lebanon, Fouad is a student of the healing arts. Currently studying osteopathy in Paris, his journey started in Montreal where he delved into holistic medicine starting with anatomy and neuropsychology then branching out to holistic nutrition, ayurvedic medicine, and mastering the art of reiki.

Fouad is also in love with the art of flow that he expresses through kitesurfing, free ride skiing, martial arts, and music.

He discovered yoga by wanting to combine his love for flow, his respect for mind stillness from Vipassana meditation and his knowledge about body alignment from osteopathy.

He is certified in Mutli-style yoga after completing his RYT 200hr yoga teacher certificate in Dharamsala, India. His classes are a mix of hatha, ashtanga vinyasa and Sivananda yoga stimulating every part of the body physically, mentally and energetically in order to bring the body back to its neutral and natural state of being.

Fouad Helou is currently not instructing any classes.