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Studio Liability Release
I understand that the level of my participation in the exercise programme and which exercises I perform must be determined by me, If necessary in consultation with my physician, and that the instructor cannot fully monitor the extent of my participation.

I understand that the instructor is not a physician, nurse or emergency medical technician, and that the instructor by making this exercise available, is not undertaking any responsibility regarding my medical condition(s). If my medical condition should change, I understand that it is my responsibility to discontinue the exercise program and to immediately consult with a physician about continuing or resuming participation in this program.


I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the instructor or this exercise program.


I understand the nature and extent of the exercises in which I am participating and that, while performing those exercises, I could sustain bodily injury. I am nevertheless voluntary agreeing to participate in the exercise program and perform those exercises conducted by the instructor.