Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This class is taught by:

Nika Jurov

Nika started doing postural Hatha yoga in 2009 as a part of her obligatory sports course of the university program in Slovenia.
Only a few months later as she was travelling in India she incidentally discovered dynamic yoga style. At first completely terrified of what people did in Ashtanga class, she somehow found herself in 2014, again in India, doing the 200-hour yoga teacher training course - in ashtanga yoga. She holds a certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasa/Power Yoga from Universal Yoga, McLeod Ganj, India.
After teaching for a while in various fitness centers and yoga studios in Slovenia, she was back to India in 2016, this time in Mysore, and spent two months practicing with Saraswathi Jois, daughter of Ashtanga yoga founder Sri K. Patthabi Jois. She also taught in Oman for a while and is now teaching in Paris, France, while doing her second Master studies in linguistics.

Nika loves movement and having completed several shorter workshops on postural yoga, she makes sure to include all the possible alignment tips in her class. She has an even greater interest in breathing and meditation, which in connection to movement makes a yoga class that nourishes the body and the mind much longer than the time spent on the mat.

Oriane Rosenthal

Oriane is a French-American San Francisco native who discovered yoga in 2010 while studying International Development in Montreal.
As she started a regular practice, a new discipline and patience began to take root in her. Yoga became a daily transformative practice that quickly evolved into a lifestyle. After two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guyana, South America she decided to settle in Paris where she started practicing at Ashtanga Yoga Paris. In the summer of 2017, she completed the 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training program under the guidance of Linda Munro and Gérald Disse to be able to share with others the tools of self discovery that yoga continues to offer her. As a student, she continues to grow and evolve in her practice, and seeks to transmit this growth and evolution into her teaching.

Daphné Vanderschelden

Daphne started practicing yoga 8 years ago, when her father advised her to try it as a way to deal with stress. He promised it could help her to get a more peaceful life, and he was right: she has never stopped since her first class.

She experimented many types of yoga as Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Retroactive and Vinyasa, and she continues building her personal practice today.

As soon as she got an opportunity to take a gap year, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher
Training with the Radiantly Alive Yoga studio in Bali. She first decided to gain teacher certification to deepen her knowledge in
something that had helped her both mentally and physically for years. Soon after starting, though, she realised how much she loved sharing her passion with people. That's how she decided to stay in Bali for few months after her training and start something completly new ; teaching yoga.

And now, back in Paris, she couldn't stop doing what she started and what she really loves. Her main focus in teaching is to help people to realise that they can live in a virtous circle by listening to themselves, by
taking care of their mind and body instead of chasing after "performance" on the mat and in life.

Her Dynamic Vinyasa class will make you sweat by breathing through each pose of the flow. Get ready to release what doesn’t serve you anymore, and nourish your mind and body with what makes you feel good.

Carina Greweling

Carina is a 300h+ certified yoga teacher. She lived in India and got mainly trained there. Besides having done her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga training in Mysore, she trained regularly at the world famous BKS Iyengar Institute and in The Yoga Institut in Mumbai, one of the oldest yoga schools in the world. She is certified in fertility, pre- and postnatal yoga. Her experience is therefore influenced by different styles of yoga. While living in India, she worked for NGOs helping people in poverty with acupuncture treatments. Her time in India was challenging and at the same time enriching, and showed her many new aspects of leading a satisfied and fulfilled life.

Passionate about a healthy body and mind from an early age on, she became a state-approved naturopath and works today with Chinese medicine, Bach flowers and craniosacral therapy. She was 17, when she first stepped onto a yoga mat and practiced with many teachers from around the world. For her, yoga was a way to develop more body-awareness and to change her way of thinking and living. She addresses a holistic approach when teaching yoga, and works to create a joyful and secure environment while giving dynamic and powerful yoga classes.

Kate Pavlova

Kate arrived to Paris 7 years ago as her business degree was split between London and Paris. And then Paris just happened, as it does for so many of us.

After intensive business studies and 5 years of work in analytics and data consulting, Kate found a way to balance her 2 passions : tech and yoga.


She completed her Teacher Training in 2018 at YogaWorks in Santa Monica, California – the famous mecca of both Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and world-famous yoga teachers. More than that, many successful business people recognise that yoga has largely enhanced their professional performance and balanced their mental health.


Kate promotes the idea that yoga is not just physical exercise but a holistic science. Studying yoga philosophy, history, anatomy and other aspects can replace all the fancy self-development books and expensive therapy sessions.


As a yoga teacher, Kate wants to break the cliché about yoga students and teachers being « from somewhere else » and help each and every person to enhance his or her daily life, bring clarity to the mind and finally have an ability to truly connect to yourself.


Her sequence is designed to be physically challenging yet anatomically safe – but most importantly, modified appropriately for each and every body type and physical conditions.

Benjamin Hart

Benjamin is a Texas-Born World-Resident with a life-long relationship to movement and energy. A student of theater, dance, and gymnastics since the age of four, his yoga practice initially blossomed in the sand and sun of Barcelona where his ‘Beach Bikram’ classes took off.  Having lived in Los Angeles and New York City, Benjamin gainined his RYT 200hr Yoga Teacher certificate in Dallas, and came straight to Paris following Love and Life's Adventures. 

For Benjamin, yoga is truly a practice of Union with ourselves, with each other, and with the Divine, resonant in All. His classes utilize the flowing pace of traditional Vinyasa technique with an infusion of his studies as a modern day Urban Shaman focusing on the inner journey, energy harmonization, and intentional manifestation. Beginners will love his accessible approach while experienced yogis are certainly in for something refreshing and new.

The format for Benjamin’s classes has been well-described as ‘Rainbow Yoga’, meaning that the seven Chakra energy centers within each of our bodies are the foundation and focus of his series. These resonating energetic vortexes are paired with appropriate traditional yoga postures to awaken and purify the physical as well as energy bodies. The seven Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound, Light and Thought are also incorporated for a joyful time of self-healing, counterbalance, and exploration of the infinite Here and Now.

While it may sound different from the standard class structure, students find Benjamin’s offering as a delightful addition to their regular yoga practice and an excellent opportunity to expand their daily routine.

For more information on Benjamin's additional activities, check out his MeetUp group:
This flowing, energizing transition of core postures will help you build strength, flexibility, balance, and focus.

This class will link the traditional yoga asanas / postures gracefully together while giving focus to active meditation. This could be considered a more 'active' class than our Hatha offerings. It is dynamic yet soft in nature, and relaxation is often reserved to the end of the session.

This class is held in English, but most of our teachers do speak some French, so don't hesitate to ask for help understanding.


- Comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement* (this class is generally practiced barefoot)

-Mat** or towel (there are only mats available to borrow in specific locations, as listed on our locations page at

-Water bottle

-Optional: Yoga props (blocks, straps, cushions, etc)

*Showers and designated changing facilities available only at Studio Bleu, 75009; all other indoor locations have restroom facilities available for changing.

**Yoga mats can be purchased from our online store at


✅ CLASS LEVEL: This class is open to every level of practitioner from beginners on up. Our instructors give careful guidance to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the foundation of the posture, and modifications to increase or decrease the intensity of each position will be available. Feel free to ask for modifications.


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We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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