Affordable Yoga & Fitness Mission & Vision


Here at Affordable Yoga and Fitness, we know that being active - especially practicing yoga - has SUCH AMAZING BENEFITS for your body and mind. But in big cities it can come with a hefty price tag!

But not at Affordable Yoga & Fitness !

We believe that everyone should be able to go to classes regularly, regardless of their financial bracket! And that is why Affordable Yoga was born!

By making the classes affordable, we give those new to yoga an opportunity to try it, and those who love it to make it part of their regular practice.  As we know for sure - the more you do it, the happier you become!

So in fact, our simple philosophy is that we want to help you do more of what makes you happy!




And eventually, if we are continuously graced by your loyalty and support, we hope to spread our affordable wellbeing mission, and fill other cities with healthy and happy individuals (who will also have lots of cash left over for other things in life.) And we hope that by doing that (wait for the cheesy line...) we can make the world a happier place!

Want to get in on the happy? Find your perfect class




Our classes are high in quality: No compromises.

We only select the teachers who are highly experienced, and those that live and breathe our values.

They all have different styles of teaching and backgrounds, (read more about them here), but what really unites them all is the friendly and open vibe they create in their classes. This is a signature and a standard for all Affordable Yoga’s classes.




And we want you to be too! Come get your happy on by reserving a class

If you are interested in ‘how’ and ‘when’ it happened, read the story of how Affordable Yoga & Fitness was born.




Keep prices affordable and meet new friends: This is what Anna had in mind when she started Affordable Yoga & Fitness as a Meetup group back in 2013. (Watch a video about how it all started at the bottom of this page)

And this is the philosophy we are still based on.

Join our community and not only de-stress and tone-up but also:

  • Make new friends
  • Learn new things and push yourself
  • Mingle after class (yes we all talk to each other!)
  • Ask the community for help and receive it
  • However, if you want to chill and switch off, you’re free to do this – there is no forced mingling here!

There’s an entire community waiting for you to join them, so we hope you'll do so today! Reserve a class today and come see why our classes are so popular and our students so happy!



Our Founder's Story


"As a senior citizen retired in Paris I can recommend Affordable Yoga for the friendly and professional way I have been welcomed to a new Yoga community in a new city. To new customers considering Hatha Yoga classes with Affordable Yoga I say you are never too old or young to start!" - Jo Hobman